Top 10 Honeymoons Part One

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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations (part 1):

In this post top travel expert, Nick Smith [view profile] gives his Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations:

Provence Wedding Planner10) Bilbao and Spanish Basque region. This region of Northern Spain is very different to the Costa Brava in both clientèle, look, feel and weather. It is certainly less ‘bucket and spade’ and more ‘culture and tapas’ and makes it onto this list for being a bit different and giving a contrasting view of Spain from the more traditional resorts. There are many towns and cities worth checking out here, so a car is a must. Bilbao itself is a very cool place and worth spending several nights. San   Sebastian is worth seeing too as are the national parks to the west of Santander. The only challenge on this destination is that the weather is    strangely similar to UK, so expect the odd day of rain. This would suit couple who like a bit of exploration, and don’t like 2 weeks sunbathing. Flights to  many of the major towns in the area from the UK are very cheap and easy.

9)  The Black Forest, Germany. Imaging the look of surprise when you tell people you are going to Germany for your honeymoon! Well you’d have the last laugh, as the whole area is untapped, beautiful, friendly and much more original than a fortnight in the Algarve. It is recommended to hire a nice big German car for extra comfort, and set out exploring the various villages, hills, lakes, wineries, sausage stalls and so on from the base of delightful spa towns like Baden-Baden and Freiburg. Germany demands high standards in its beer, and wheat beer as well as Riesling wine are the main tipples. This destination would suite a shorter honeymoon as you probably wouldn’t need two weeks here. However if you are planning a few weeks away then schedule a visit to the bigger cities such as Munich, or jump over Swiss border to Zurich. Direct flights to Frieburg, or Stuttgart, should make this easily accessible.

8)  Buenos Aires. Anyone planning a honeymoon in Argentina would be best to plan well ahead and set out a clear itinerary. In fact it may be prudent to couple a city break to Buenos Aires with a tour of the rest of the massive country that is Argentina (such as a trip to the Iguaza falls or Patagonia pony trek). You could quite easily spend a week in Buenos Aires city itself – it is absolutely massive and packed with things to see and do.

Top tip: Don’t go there is you are vegetarian. Conversely, carnivores will not find a better place to eat steak – in fact eating out is a national institution. It is worth noting that if you go into a restaurant at 8pm and it will be empty, however by the time you come to leave at 10pm, it will be packed!

It very much feels like a big city and certainly has its rougher edges so be cautious (the taxi drivers drive like race car drivers) but the people are incredibly friendly, and don’t for one minute think there may be an issue with you being British there. The tourist information centres will give you plenty of suggestions of places to check out, such Palermo and Puerto Madero – it’s very much a ‘vibe’ experience, rather than seeing specific monuments.

7)  Cuba. An amazing Island, with very friendly people. A Mecca for Provence Wedding Plannerscuba divers as the waters are very clear, and the coral well looked after. This is generally all inclusive packaging
honeymooning, staying at 4-5* hotels at the like of Cayo Coco. The more adventurous can explore the island however, staying away from the purpose built tourist resorts it is more for the stern of heart. I would definitely suggest scuba diving, which is reasonably priced. Although not inexpensive it is also worth taking a day trip to Havana, one of the most vibrant cities you will ever see.

Package operators and high street travel agents are your best bet here.

6)  California. The state is practically the size of the UK, so there is a lot to see and do. This is very much fly-drive territory, so hire a nice convertible and cruise around Los Angeles’s Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, or take a drive up the Highway 1 coast road to San Francisco (a rather long cruise, so make a stopover on the way at say Santa Barbara). Absolute must dos are Yosemite National Park and Death Valley, and if you have more time Lake Tahoe is worth a stop. Las Vegas is worth a trip if you can fit it on your schedule. Top tip – take very little with you on your flight out, and buy a whole load of stuff from one of the many out of town shopping malls – it is very cheap compared to UK! Flight options are good, fly direct to LAX or San Fran is best bet, just be sure to book up early to keep costs down.

In my next post I’ll reveal Nick Smith’s top 5…

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