Occitanie Wedding Planner – Grant Morgan Weddings, based full-time in the Occitanie region of France

The Languedoc (reclassified Occitanie) has such a sheer amount of choice available to couples that it can be overwhelming. This is more pertinent if planning from afar. That is why Occitanie Wedding Planner Grant Morgan can guide you through those choices and to help you to pick the perfect suppliers.

For starters, there is an abundance of beautiful châteaux in the area. Some offer 5-star spa facilities with the modern décor while others maintain a rural charm in natural surroundings.

Selecting suppliers you can trust is not a luxury; it’s an essential ingredient when planning your wedding.

We offer a wide range of services including on-the-day management, part-plan and full-plan services. Each of these services can be tailored and fitted to suit specific requirements.

Formerly the Languedoc-Rousillion, Occitanie covers a large swath of France’s Mediterranean coastline and borders both Spain and Andorra.

Wedding Planner Occitanie

Occitanie Wedding Planner

Like Provence, the Mediterranean climate in addition to the beautiful coastline make it a perfect wedding destination. The big difference is that many of its charms remain largely undiscovered, and so remain unspoiled.

The sheer variety of landscapes in the region is breathtaking. Occitanie boasts mountains, coastline, plains and great lakes which means that every type of wedding can be catered for.

Benefiting from over 300 days of sun a year, the region of Occitanie is popular for hiking as well as mountain biking. Occitanie produces 34% of all French wine, which is more than Australia and Bordeaux put together!

Find out how we can help you plan a truly amazing wedding in Occitanie and the South of France. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services or the area.

“We highly recommend having Grant as your wedding planner. With his amazing roster of suppliers and experience in the industry, he will ensure every element of your wedding is simply perfect!”
Kate Sotheby-Jones, 2020