Scents and Sensibility

London Wedding

London wedding planner, Grant Morgan takes a look at scenting your event… 

Almost everyone who has attended a wedding will come away with at least one sense having been stimulated. The eyes can feast upon lavishly bedecked marquees or aesthetically proportionate stately homes. The wedding breakfast will have been pored over and expertly prepared to sate the most discerning taste bud; whilst the evening entertainment should send positive signals to your brain, by way of your ears, ordering your body to move along to the rhythm, post-haste.

However, one sense is almost entirely overlooked. That sense is of course, one’s sense of smell.

It may pick up some attention as an afterthought – the look of the flowers and taste of the food being more important than how each will fragrance the room.

It is almost criminal that such a powerful and potentially evocative sense should be blocked from the party. From the extremely simple to the more in-depth, measures can be taken to ensure that
all senses are catered for and allowed to engage in the day.

Simple but effective

Almost all table settings at weddings will include lit candles and London Wedding Plannerfloral decorations. Make sure they count. Insist on scented candles and the inclusion of at least one fragrant flower within the decoration. Make sure that they are complimentary to one another – a good florist will be able to help you get the balance right.

Companies such as Jo Malone [visit] and Diptyque [visit] produce wide-ranging and high-quality scented candles.

Top tip: consider the time of year you are getting married and the ambient temperature of the room/marquee. Scents travel further in heat and you don’t want to overpower guests. The scents you choose should act as ‘background music’ – ever present but not overbearing.

It is important to think about what sort of theme you intend for your wedding. The options you choose for fragrance should compliment and reinforce your theme rather than conflict with it. A simple example would be a fragrance like cherry wood if you are having a cosy, autumnal wedding or perhaps lily of the valley for a spring affair.

Matching the design

Wedding Planner KentIf you plan on having different areas such as a chill-out zone or a separate area for the drinks reception to the wedding breakfast itself, then matching the right scent to the function can heighten the experience for your guests.

However, it may be impracticable to ensure candles are constantly lit in many different areas. If so, the use of scent machines is a good option. There is an enormous number of fragrances available and if discretely placed are a great solution to a multi-room layout.

From banana to bread, from orange to onion (yes, really!), it’s possible to really immerse your guests in an holistic experience from start to finish.

The key, as ever, is knowing how much is too much. If your wedding is planned for a summer’s day in a marquee, then mother nature may well provide. The aroma of antique wood in a stately home may well suffice.

However, with so many great options available, you may wish to enhance your theme to the fullest with the clever use of additional scenting.

Whatever you choose, be sure to give that oft forgotten sense some purpose.